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14 Oct Felt the first fabric of civilization
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Felt, which is made by pressing animal fibers with the help of warm water and soap and in a moist environment, is oldest known warpless textile product. It came forward with the needs of people in the first ages for covering oneself and surviving in order to make a stand against natural conditions. ..
19 Feb Story of Wool
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You've all heard of Australian merino wool, which is considered the highest quality for clothing by authorities in the fashion and clothing industry around the world. Australia, with a population of approximately 25 million, ranks first in the world as the country that meets 24 percent of the world'..
16 Jun Care and Cleaning of Leather and Felt
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1. First of all, considering that leather and felt are living materials, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. As the color of products exposed to direct sunlight fades, sun spots may occur on them.2. Any product made of leather and felt material should never be cleaned by dir..
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