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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment options?

You can make your payments by credit card and money order / EFT option. In shopping by money order / EFT; We kindly ask you to send your name - surname, full address, telephone number and the Freyja Concept models you have chosen to After your e-mail, our team will share our account information and your products will be prepared to be shipped after you send the receipt.

How much shipping fee do I pay?

For orders over  100 TL , which is no shipping charge on orders from Turkey. According to the shipping fees in order to address outside of Turkey which are covered by the product owner. For the shipping fee, please send an e-mail to

How soon will my order reach me?

From the time the orders are created, they are delivered to MNG Cargo after the preparation process specified in the product description.

How can I reach the information that my order has been delivered to cargo?

When the order is prepared to be delivered to the cargo, we will be informed by an e-mail containing the shipment tracking number and shipment details.

How do I return or replace an item I ordered?

You can return or replace unopened, unused and undamaged products within 14 days. If you request a product in your order to be replaced with a color or a different product, we kindly ask you to contact our customer service department first. You can reach our customer service team at In order to process the requests, it is important that the order number starting with # is included in the mail. After sending your change request e-mail; You can send the products to us by sending the following information with a courier company of your choice.

We would like to remind you that the shipping fee for the products to be exchanged and returned belongs to the CUSTOMER.

** Please do not forget to include the invoice with the product in the package. If your billing information is on behalf of an official company, you must create a return invoice. For this, you have to wait for our return confirmation. Our return address is on our invoice.

When the products you have sent for exchange reach our office, they will be examined by our team, and if they comply with the return rules, the new product will be shipped to your delivery address after finding or preparing the product you want to buy again. Our stocks are not reserved during the exchange process. For this reason, our company is not responsible for the case of stock shortage.

· What is your company contact information?

Freyja Concept Invoice Address: Sazova Mh. Mineral Sk. No: 49/2 Tepebasi / Eskisehir

Freyja Concept Office Address: Kırmızıtoprak Mah. Nilay Sok. No: 11 D: B 26020 Odunpazarı / Eskisehir

Tel: 0850 302 36 45


Is Freyja Concept an original brand?

Yes, Freyja Concept products since 2018 in Turkey is produced by our company's design and fro-D work on our own production line. Our official trademark registration is valid for all of our products.

Are your products genuine leather?

Yes, our products are made from premium quality genuine calf leather.

· Are leather and felt sustainable materials?

Yes, they are sustainable materials that can be used for many years as long as they are used correctly.

Do your products have a warranty?

The warranty period for Freyja Concept products is 1 year. You can contact us at to request a review in case of any problem with the products covered by the warranty period. You can also consult us for the repair service in case of user errors. Please do not forget to share your invoice and your order number starting with # in the e-mail so that we can provide correct guidance regarding the review process. Requests without order number and invoice information will not be considered.

How should I care for leather and felt products, what should I pay attention to while using?

1. First of all, if we consider that leather and felt are a living material, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. Sun spots may occur on products exposed to direct sunlight when their color fades.

2. Any product made of leather or felt should never be cleaned by keeping it under direct water. The reason for this is; It is the nature of the leather and felt that it absorbs water. Felt is more hydrophobic than leather, but since the wool is matted with water, its surface may harden. While drying your materials exposed to rainwater or snow, you should not direct them to high temperature devices such as heater, hair dryer, heater. In order to prevent your product from scratching and clumping, you can let it dry on its own after slowly getting wet with the help of a cotton cloth.

3. Leather and felt are breathable. It should not be stored in airtight environments. It is convenient to store in its own special cloth bag. In order not to break when you put it in the wardrobe; you can fill it with newspaper.

4. The best method for cleaning the leather is to apply vaseline once a week. In this way, you can help repair and refresh the leather. In the cleaning of the felt part, there is no extra method to be applied for stains that do not come out of textile materials such as tea, coffee, oil, blood. Spilled liquid should be removed with a suitable cloth without pressing it slowly. The dirt can be removed by gently wiping the relevant area with a white soapy cloth. Wool balls that may form on the felt surface during cleaning should never be broken off. Instead, the back side of the scissors can be cleaned without damaging the surface with razor blades or you can buy a mini wool picking machine from us.

5. If the leather part of your bag is in direct contact with your skin during the summer months; You should not use chemicals such as perfume or cream on the contact area. Such substances cause stains on your bags.

6. You should clean suede and nubuck products with their own care products. Leather dust, which occurs as a result of sanding and grinding nubuck or suede products during production, may contaminate light colored textile products. These dust residues will disappear as the product is worn. For this reason, we recommend that you wear the same color textile products for the first time. You can remove the dust crumbs by airing the feathers of your product with a sponge or soft brush.

The felt parts in our products are 100% wool hand knitted and treated with madder. For this reason, it is biodegradable in nature.

Each of our products is unique and unique depending on the nature of hand workmanship. 

Leather and felt is a living material. The traces, wrinkles you can see on the leather surface or wool balls that may occur on the felt surface are caused by the natural structure of the materials. These properties of leather and felt show the natural beauty of the product. 

You can feel the naturalness and all the beauties offered by nature in our bags. Thank you for supporting nature-friendly and fair production and also for embracing manual labor.

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All your feedback is valuable to us. You can always contact us at

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