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We offer; The natural one, in the most natural way, 100% hand made, by protecting our sustainable values.

As Freyja Concept, we produce bags that make a difference for frequently traveling business people and students, which are handy, both casual and stylish, and each pattern is just for you.

We produce unique bags, every bag has a unique pattern which is exclusive to you. Rethinking how we produce products and the materials we use, requires creativity. We search out sustainable materials, dreamup innovative solutions.
Wool is a very special material, it does not accept industrial paint unless you process it industrially. Most wool-derived materials or felts on the market are synthetic, unfortunately these products do not have the important properties of felt.That's why the craft of felting is nature friendly and very laborious. The secret of processing and dyeing without deteriorating the structure of raw wool is hidden in the delicacies of this craft. Felt is the first fabric of civilization in literature, lightweight but high strength, minimizes electricity, non-flammable and biodegradable in nature.

Our purpose is to introduce such a special material to the world and make a strong, nature friendly brand with the ethics in which we believe.
That’s why the name had to be global and had to come from ancient times like felt itself, we have started to search mythological heroes from ancient times to find right name and soul. Freyja is a goddess of abundance and fertility in Scandinavian mythology. She was portrayed as a blonde
woman in a chariot pulled by two cats. The cat in our logo comes from there. Our founder Busena ÇELİK ZÜMBÜL is as a woman entrepreneur, Who was inspired from FREYJA as a strong, warrior goddess. Mrs. Zümbül decided to use this goddes's name and spirit  for her brand name.

At the same time, with each Freyja, you support nature-friendly and fair production, and you also contribute to the education of our disadvantaged children who grow up in state dormitories.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Goodness and abundance are with you.
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