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Why Felt?

Wool and felt, gift of nature and a transformation story.

Freyja Conceptis a social impact oriented brand which produces special design bags for customers by modernizing the craft of felt as a result of processing of wool which is harvested only 2 times in our country with nature-friendly methods.


Our aim is not only to produce a consumer goods, but to create social impact from the production stage to the end.


Wool production is one of the biggest sources of income for farmers in our country, unfortunately it has been disappearing day by day with the increase of imported wool in the market and the gradual loss of felt craft.


Most of the wool fleece grown in our country can find place in the market as semi-finished product with low added value.We aimed to make high value added products with the improved production methods of wool produced in our country.


However, the water footprint of an industrially produced bags approximately 17,000 liters.Our aim is to make production by bringing this ratio to less then 1/1000 level.


 The most beautiful harmony of felt and leather

Felt, known as the first fabric of civilization and its biggest rival, leather. They come together in the Freyja Concept collections and come to life in exquisite harmony in our special design products.

Our goal in the future is to use completely eco-friendly materials instead of leather and make such products more reachable.


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